#1 Search Engine & Much More

Cloud Platform
We manage our Storage & APIs within this one Google Dashboard.
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Search Console
Here we can monitor visitor numbers, submit our site map & check for errors in our sites URLs.
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Maps API
This is what runs the location services
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Maps Geocode API
This is what calculates the distance.
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Perfect for monitoring our site visits & see how our users interact with us.
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We store our admin and run our CRM in here. Excellent for sharing.
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We sync all bookings to our Google Calendar. We also sync your Listing Calendar to your Google Calendar
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Create documents and share them. Collaborate in real time.
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Spreadsheets to run things. We also sync these with Zapier. Automated Brilliance!
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Send out forms and have the replies populate a Google Sheet. Well Clever.
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Bakers' Dozen of Brilliance

Rent My Drive & Google Synchronised

We utilise so many Google Products as they are undoubtedly the best. If you want to do well on Google, does it not make sense to structure your site and online presence with their products? Take a look & think ‘what can Google do for me?’

Much more than you relise. We only use 13 Google Products.

Try Googling 'Going Google'

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