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Tutorial Videos To Get You Going

1: Registration

Register as a Cutomer or Vendor. Simple joining process. Sign up today & get listed.

2: Adding Your Listing

This could not be simpler, yet more specific. give your listing the best opportunity to get booked. 

3: Booking Services

You can set your own Booking Services, choose whether you charge or they are free. 

4: Booking Costs

Set your Booking Costs. You can set different costs for different periods. Well clever.

5: Scheduling

Control the hours that your listing is operable. You have full control of every minute of the day.

6: Search Engine Optimisation

Now you are listed you want to get found. Page 1 of Organic Search on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

7: Vendor Profile

Set up your Vendor Profile, Business Contact Details and connect your Social Media Accounts.

8: Linking Your Calendars

Synchronise with Internet Calendaring Scheduling. In this video we sync with Google Calendar.

9: Booking Map

How to include a map to your space. Make it easy to find your listing with directions straight to it. 

10: Purchase Note

Send your Customers a Purchase Note. Perfect for info you don’t want to share until sale complete.

11: Coupons & Discounts

Create coupons to attract more customers. Unlimited Coupons & Simple Interface. 

12: Customer Reviews

What happens when a review is left for your listing. You can un-approve, remove, reply or edit.

13: Share Your Listing

In this video we cover how to share your listing across your Social Media Platforms.

14: SEO Part 2

Currently In Production

See how we build upon our first SEO video to add 5 keywords & related synonyms. Let’s get YOUR listing Page 1 Google, Bing, & Yahoo

15: Booking Costs Part 2

Currently In Production

In this video we cover more Booking Costs and show you how to schedule your rates for different periods throughout the year.