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Initiative Q

noakwood / 24/04/19 / No Comments

Did you miss out on BitCoin? Ever wished you could get on the next big thing? Then you need to get on Initiative Q to earn a possible $232,340 for FREE. What would you do with $232,340? A house, car and perhaps a new holiday home? You’ll never know if you don’t give it a try. A family of 5 reaching their targets would generate £1,161,700.00. Now that would make a massive difference. Lottery status!

Living the dream my friends.


8 Metres Square of concrete generating £40 per month on a rolling contract. Are you looking for some extra income? This space is predicted to earn a minimum of £480 over the year. True, it isn’t exactly a fortune. Yet it is £480 the owner wasn’t going to earn until we worked together and got a booking within 4 days of going live. Pretty quick!

Get listed and see what we can achieve together. 

Click the link & let’s sync.


Do you need to take online bookings? Does the cost put you off proceeding? Well, with our sister site you can take advantage of the most comprehensive online booking platform for non parking related listings and what’s more, it is entirely FREE* Nothing to lose!

*To take advantage of the FREE option you must either receive payment from the booker via: CashApp, BACS, or Cash. Square, Stripe, or PayPal fees are payable by the Vendor.


We sync your calendar with your Google Calendar. Even if you have 100 listings we can sync them all.

We've Gone Googlie

Google is far for than just a Search Engine. Undoubtedly the biggest name online and they offer so many productivity tools. Aside from WordPress and Third Parties we pretty much feature Google prominently when it comes to volume of solutions. Take a look at what we mean. read more

Why So Googlie?

Put simply, brilliance. Like any other business we want to be returned in Organic Search results at the top of page 1. We don’t want to buy our way to the top with AdWords and being subjected to expensive CPC.

We Achieved #1 Organic Search Rank

This was pretty easy to be fair. Firstly, if you can name your site after the keywords that will be used during a search, you are halfway to your objective. “Rent my driveway in ramsgate” returns us prominent position. Whereas “Park on my driveway in Ramsgate” return us on 1st page (this will change as we grow and keep adding more listings and start gaining the most relevant content in these keywords).

Take a look at the products that we use. Come on get Googlie!

What We Use:

  1. Organic Rankings

  2. Cloud Platform

  3. Search Console

  4. Maps API

  5. Maps Geo Code API

  6. My Business

  7. Analytics

  8. Drive

  9. Calendar

  10. Docs

  11. Sheets

  12. Forms

  13. YouTube

Do You Run A Business?

Why not do yourself a massive favour and look at integrating your digital environment with Google. 

We subscribe to G Suite Business at £6.60 per month per user and have the most excellent tools and utilities available to us.

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