Why Use Rent My Drive?

Goldmine Large

Passive Income

Who doesn’t like Passive Income? Earning money whilst doing very little to earn it. 

How much could you earn? That depends on your location and how much you want to earn. If you have a driveway in a prime location then you have your very own little Goldmine.

Your listing can offer many opportunities. Are you situated in a Town Centre or near a Train/Tube Station? Many commuters would love access to your listing. Do you live next to a busy roundabout? Perfect location to sell a car from. If we work together we could easily turn you over an extra £1,000 or so is an easy target to accomplish together. Get listed and let’s see what we can achieve.

How Do We Differ?


We Actively Promote Across Social Media

It’s all about sharing. We utilise Social Media in the following ways:

As soon as a new listing is posted it automatically gets shared across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

Your listing goes in to our Facebook Shop. How many times do you check your Social Media on a daily basis? Do you use Facebook Marketplace to either sell or buy from?

Our LiveChat is linked to Facebook Messenger so if you would like to know anything just send us a message through LiveChat and we will get back to you. Being social costs nothing and keeps you in the loop instantly. Join us on Social Media to be kept abreast of new listings in your area.

With The Best Search Facility


Smart Search Technology

None of the other sites in our sector offer you the chance to fulfil your requirements like us. We offer by far the best filtering options.

A lot of people prefer peace of mind when it comes to parking your car. Knowing that your car is parked securely and covered by CCTV gives you that peace of mind. You may require a Charge-port, or perhaps fancy a Car Wash? Looking for a Shuttle Service or would perhaps like to have a taxi waiting?

Listing & Scheduling Is Simple

Vendor Dashboard

Simple Scheduling


Listing Management System

Managing your listing within the Vendor Dashboard. You choose when to make it available or lock it down. You can specify from when to when to the minute. Want to charge Peak & Off-Peak times? No problem.

Unlimited listings. You can add as many listings as you like. You may have three spaces at your house. Or you may want to take on your own portfolio? Add as many customers you like if you choose to take on and manage your own portfolio.

Within your Vendor Dashboard you can add and manage all of your listings with simplicity & ease.

We are all about delivering an excellent service that is as convenient as possible to the listing owner. Get in touch for a chat if interested.

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Looking For A New Career?


Join Our Team

Are you full of good ideas that no-one will listen to? We truly believe that every person always brings added value to the team. You may have been employed in one role, does that mean that we should put you in a box and that is all?

If you bring us clients then these become your portfolio to manage. We place vast importance on delivering the most excellent customer care. You will build a relationship with your client and actively promote their listing.

We encourage a team mentality that allows you the luxury of working remotely, yet having a Physical Support Team at hand when you need it. Full training will be provided in all aspects of your role.

Rent My Drive Ltd are an Equal Opportunities Employer and our Diversity Mission Statement can be seen in our Corporate Responsibility section.

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