What was our inspiration?

With so many cars on the roads nowadays parking is at a premium. A lot of Cities and Towns charge quite a lot of money and place time restrictions on the booths. This hits the motorist in the pocket and is a drain on time.

I regularly rent out my driveway and earned over £1,200.00 in the last 12 months. Even though I am located around 1 mile from the town I tapped in to another market. People who sell cars and are limited on space. I have made some quality friends and earned some extra income. Perfect!

Nickie Oakwood | Operation's Manager

Monetise My Parking Space?

Here are some ideas

People who like a guaranteed service. Convenience is worth its weight in gold. To just get there and get parked is so satisfying. A lot of residential properties now have CCTV which offers peace of mind. Parking around Hospitals & Universities is generally both scarce and expensive. As I mentioned earlier car traders are regularly looking for safe, off-street parking.

Let the design begin

To build a Multi Vendor Booking Platform was never going to be an easy feat. Where to start….

If your hosting is unreliable then your site will crash. If this occurs disaster has struck. We chose the best. Google Cloud Platform. Avoid interruption.

WordPress is our chosen Content Management System. Most websites are built upon this amazing technology.

To create a YouTube Channel with Tutorial Videos was the obvious way to go. No one likes to be left to face a new interface alone.

Word of mouth is by far the best form of advertising. Nothing spreads the word like Social Media. Look for our banner and say hello.


Google reigns supreme

When it comes to Server technology Google are at the forefront. With 90 Global Data Centres you can be sure of excellence. Latency? What’s that? When we were with GDaddy crashes were daily.

Are you using Google APIs on your site? We use about 15 of them so it made sense to just bring everything in to one amazing solution. Rent My Drive’s technology is unbeatable!

Hosting our site on Google Cloud Platform gives us the same technology that Google Search & YouTube are built upon.

Our site can handle over 1 million requests per second!

The sensible choice

When it comes to Content Management Systems it is no wonder that WordPress is the most popular website & blogging tool. The only limitations are your imagination.

WordPress offers style, sophistication, speed, and security. What more could a developer ask for? The WordPress World takes care of the innovation leaving us to get our groove on. 


Unparalleled control

That is a mighty bold claim. Unparalleled? Take us for a test drive and see. We have measured our functionality against the big players online and we are hard to beat. 

We really do give you control. Full control. If you want to cancel a booking no problem. Our Vendor’s Dashboard is super-cool. You can literally set 96 different price ranges in a day. It is highly unlikely that you’ll require 96 but peak and off-peak is a breeze.

Discounts and coupons

Who doesn’t love a discount or coupon? You can create all sorts of discounts and coupons. Perfect for regulars or if you want to strike a deal.

For instance if your hourly rate is £1.00 you can offer 10 hours for the price of 8. It literally is your choice how much etc.

You can send out your offers across Social Media. Do you have Annual Attractions in your area? How much can you flip from your space?

Locate parking on the go

Our fully responsive website means that searching on your device is a breeze. Enter the road or area that you want to park in and search.

Once you have booked the listing you will receive an email with the full address.  Simply put the address in to your Sat Nav and you are sorted.

Never have we had it better. Technology accentuates our daily lives.

Transact online for FREE

We are amongst the first online retailers to encourage you to take the payment directly from the customer. Makes sense to get YOUR money for FREE instantly doesn’t it? Saves on admin as well. Winning!

If you haven’t yet come across CashApp you really should. You just link your Card or Bank Account and it is that simple. Request who to pay or who to receive money from and job done. See CashApp for details.

You can use it to pay whomever, whenever. It is an App that is provided by a Payment Gateway called Square. They are a bonafide company whom you can trust.

Secure your premises

Listings with CCTV are bound to be more popular. If that is a service that you can provide that is just fantastic. If not we can get you a very competitive quote from one of our business network buddies.

CCTV offers many benefits to your lifestyle. For instance I can also look at the monitor (49′ wall mounted tv) and see if it is raining. I see when the Takeaway delivery arrives. The important things in life. Or nuisance callers. I also feel better protected with my CCTV system. Fancy a chat?

So Many Reasons To Say Yes!

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